Free Bitcoin from Coinbase

Bitcoin B logoI’ve found Coinbase to be an easy, safe and cheap way to refill my wallet whenever I run out of bitcoin. I simply make a payment in Euros from my bank in Sweden, which is free of any fees, to Coinbase’s European account. Within a day or so I see the funds in my Coinbase account and I can proceed to buy the bitcoin when I feel the price is right. You could keep your bitcoin at Coinbase and use their mobile wallet for your bitcoin transactions but I prefer using a decentralized bitcoin wallet.

By using the link below when you sign up for a free Coinbase account you will earn the equivalent to 5.00 in your local currency of free bitcoin (BTC) once you verify your account. Actual free money – who would have thought!

Use the following link to earn your free bitcoin;

How does the Coinbase referral program work?